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Better Baby Clothes with Giving Sewn InTM

Giving is our reason for being (sometimes we get fancy and call it our raison d'être). It is what drove us to create Cradle&Thread. We think of it as the thread that sews together the fabric of our company, which is why we call our progam Giving Sewn In™. This (in addition to the insanely great clothes) makes Cradle&Thread pretty special. We hope you agree.


We donate a set of clothing (yes, an entire set) to a child in need for every $100 in purchased goods -- we call them ThreadBoxes. If you buy $100 worth of goods, you directly clothe a deserving child with an entire outfit. But don't worry -- if you buy less than $100 of goods, you still make a difference. Your purchase will be combined with those of other customers. Thus, the donation of a ThreadBox becomes a team effort. Think of it as crowdsourcing for giving -- the sum of the parts add up to make a greater gift. Now that is cool.


How It Works in 3 Easy Steps

You Make a Purchase

As you add items to your shopping cart, the cart will automatically tell you exactly what percentage of a ThreadBox(es) you will contribute.

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We Combine Donations

We combine your donation with the donations of others so ThreadBoxes are only given in full.

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Kids Get Clothes

We work with World Vision to distribute our ThreadBoxes. We believe World Vision is one of the absolute best aid distribution groups, and are excited to call them our partner.

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